Safety is the most important thing when riding a bicycle. It is also a top priority for loved ones, such as parents, spouses, and friends. And safety was the core inspiration for B-Link.


Will be available for download by July, 2015  

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The idea for B-Link came to me after a bicycle accident, which thankfully only resulted in a minor concussion and no serious injuries.

With all the technology and safety equipment I had on me, none of it offered any security to me or my loved ones. The accident left me asking a lot of questions. How is it that technology could connect me to anyone in the world at a moment’s notice, but none of the technology I had on me detected that I was in an accident? What if I was in a more serious accident? How long would it have been before my wife found out?

This string of thought resulted in B-Link, the bicycle safety system. B-Link is a front and back light for your bicycle that syncs with the B-Link app. The system includes bicycle lights that consist of powerful LEDs that will make the bicycle visible in day or night. The light has a blinker system that will create more awareness to other cyclists, people, and most importantly, vehicles of your turning intentions. Finally, we added safety features that directly addressed my concerns in the form of an easy-to-use and intuitive app.


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Will be available for download by July, 2015

B-Link News

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